Biden Criticized for Divisive Flag Day Ad Targeting Political Opponents

Last Friday, June 14th, was Flag Day, a day to honor the American flag, and it also happened to be former President Donald Trump’s birthday. On that same day, President Joe Biden used his social media account to criticize his political opponent and even made a post about flags that many found insensitive.

Biden shared a 30-second ad featuring children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and patriotic images. The ad included Biden meeting with veterans and a young woman holding a flag at a natural disaster site, and ended with Biden saluting in front of an American flag background, emphasizing “One Flag. One America.”

However, the ad also showed footage from the January 6th events at the U.S. Capitol, with a voiceover saying “Not this flag,” referring to the various flags carried by protesters. The ad received backlash with people expressing concern about the Biden administration’s handling of the American flag, especially considering the administration flew a Pride flag at the same level as the American flag, which some believe violated the flag code.

During the Pride event at the White House, there were incidents of indecent acts by transgender activists, fueling criticism of the administration’s claim to bring decency back to the White House.

There have been instances of disrespect towards the American flag by far-left activists, including flag burning during riots and protests, as well as displays of desecration of statues and terrorist sympathizers holding up fake bloody heads of the president. Additionally, Democratic members of the House were seen waving Ukrainian flags on the House floor, violating rules until they were reminded to put them away.

Despite the Biden administration’s “One America” narrative, the country remains divided after Biden’s first year in office, with little confidence in his ability to bring people together. Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, Biden made a speech demonizing his political opponents, while attacks against his opponents continue to escalate.

Recent ads highlighting Trump’s legal issues and actions of Biden’s Department of Justice have raised concerns about the administration’s focus on unity. The administration has faced criticism for defending pro-Hamas demonstrations while charging teens with felonies for minor offenses related to Pride murals.

Overall, the concept of “One America” has been called into question as political divides deepen and the Biden administration faces scrutiny for its handling of national unity.

Written by Staff Reports

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