CNN Highlights GOP Gains Among Black Voters as Trump’s Support Rises

CNN, a media network often criticized by former President Donald Trump, is acknowledging the strong potential for the presumptive GOP nominee to make significant gains with black voters. On Monday, CNN’s senior political data reporter Harry Enten highlighted the notable progress the Trump campaign has achieved within the black community. Enten pointed out that in the 2020 election, Joe Biden received 86% of the African American vote, but recent polling numbers show that support has decreased to 70%. In contrast, Donald Trump’s popularity among black voters has risen from single digits in 2020 to 21% in 2024, a significant increase.

What is particularly striking is the suggestion that the current trend is leading towards a historic performance for Republican presidential candidates, which has not been witnessed in over six decades. This shift is a departure from the long-standing narrative that black voters overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party.

The positive developments for Republicans are occurring as the Trump campaign intensifies its efforts to attract black voters to the GOP. In a targeted approach, Trump held a rally in Detroit, Michigan, a traditionally Democratic stronghold within a state that has consistently sided with the Democratic candidate in presidential elections since 1992, except for 2016. Additionally, he made an appearance at a black church in downtown Detroit and secured an endorsement from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. This outreach in deep-blue areas with large minority populations underscores the Trump campaign’s commitment to engaging with communities that have historically supported Democratic candidates.

The recent events in Detroit are part of a broader strategy by the Trump campaign to connect with minority voters in traditionally Democratic strongholds. In May, Trump held a rally in the Bronx, an area with a substantial Hispanic and black population that heavily favored Biden in the 2020 election. Similarly, in April, Trump visited Atlanta, targeting a heavily black district that voted for Biden in 2020.

The increasing support for the Republican Party among black voters suggests a shifting political landscape and challenges the long-held assumptions about voting patterns within the black community. These developments underscore the potential for significant changes in future elections and signal a growing openness among black voters to consider Republican candidates.

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