Biden Debate Debacle Tied to Insulated Inner Circle and Info Censorship

Poor Joe Biden can’t catch a break. The media has whipped out their long list of excuses for the President’s dismal debate performance faster than Hunter Biden can misplace a crack pipe. They’ve blamed everything from a cold to jet lag, but now a light of truth is shining on the real issue: Biden’s inner circle.

According to a recent report, Biden’s team apparently insulates him from any news that might make him grumpy, which means pretty much anything that isn’t bad dad jokes or warm milk before bedtime. These enablers created an echo chamber around him that was so thick it would make Kim Jong-un blush. One might think it’s a comedy skit where senior advisors decide whether to give Biden nuggets of news based on how “unpleasant” he might become.

It gets better. Insiders disclosed that the once-great lion of Scranton is now a caged canary, with advisors like Anita Dunn and former chief of staff Ron Klain dictating every morsel of information he receives. Forget real briefings; staffers conduct a Rorschach test tailored to keep Sleepy Joe from dozing off or going off like a firecracker at a gender reveal party. The very people responsible for prepping him for debates might as well be filling out a Mad Libs booklet.

The whispers within the Democrat camp are juicy. A Democratic mega-donor and a slew of anonymous operatives are blaming his small team of advisers, who seem as adept at preparing Biden for debates as Hillary was at securing emails. The only successful thing they’ve done is ensure he remains blissfully unaware and eternally cantankerous—a winning combination if the goal is to lose with grace.

Then comes the real kicker. Biden’s camp didn’t even know the standard Democratic operatives on debate plans. Decisions supposedly got funneled through the usual suspects, who are now scratching their heads, wondering how they managed to steer this Titanic straight into an iceberg made of confusion and political malpractice.

In summary, the “leader” of the free world is being set up by his team to fail spectacularly while convincing him it’s his opposition’s fault. Seems they bet on Trump's derangement syndrome carrying the day while forgetting that when all is said and done, Americans might prefer a candidate who can finish a sentence without wandering off to chase imaginary butterflies. Nice work, Biden team! Keep up the protective bubble—it’s working wonders.

Written by Staff Reports

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