GOP Primary in Virginia’s Fifth District Ends in Tense Finish with McGuire Narrowly Defeating Good

Virginia’s congressional primary elections held on June 18 made waves as the GOP primary in the state’s Fifth Congressional District ended in a nail-biting finish. State Senator John McGuire III was declared the victor over incumbent Representative Bob Good by a mere 374 votes, prompting Good, the Chair of the House Freedom Caucus, to consider requesting a recount.

Despite the Virginia Department of Elections officially calling the race in McGuire’s favor on July 2, Good remains determined to challenge the outcome. With the vote difference standing at a razor-thin 0.6 percent, Good faces the prospect of financing the recount out of his own pocket due to the margin exceeding 0.5 percent.

The Virginia State Board of Elections sealed Good’s narrow defeat, endorsing McGuire as the primary winner, a move met with Good’s defiance. The congressman announced plans to contest the results through both a recount and legal avenues, highlighting alleged irregularities in the voting process, particularly in Lynchburg, a stronghold for Good. 


Good’s campaign raised concerns over ballots retrieved from a drop box after Election Night in Lynchburg, insinuating a mishandling of the vote count. Additionally, suspicions were cast on three fire alarms at polling locations in different precincts on Election Day, adding fuel to the controversy surrounding the primary outcome.

As Good gears up for the recount process, he stresses the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the vote count for the nearly 63,000 ballots cast in the fiercely contested race. Eager to uphold transparency and integrity in the electoral process, Good vows to pursue all available legal avenues to verify that every valid vote is accounted for, a stance reflective of his commitment to representing Republican voters in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District.

Written by Staff Reports

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