Biden Debate Meltdown Sends Liberals into Tailspin as Polls Plummet

Biden’s latest debate performance was a catastrophic display that left-liberals scrambling for a political life raft. The former President Donald Trump didn’t need an anvil; he just let Biden’s floundering speak for itself. The Delaware Democrat’s abysmal showing wasn’t just a stumble but a full-blown nosedive.

In true liberal fashion, however, the Left has opted for their typical meltdown instead of self-reflection. The emotional aftermath in the Democratic camp is akin to a bad soap opera. Polls indicate a grim outlook for Biden, as the combination of arrogance and rampant anti-Trump bias sends progressives into a frenzy. Commentators reported tears from none other than Jane Fonda at a Los Angeles gathering, while Rob Reiner probably needed a sedative to calm down.

Naturally, Democratic operatives point fingers in every direction except the right one. Biden’s ego kept him from bowing out when he clearly should have, leaving the party leaders to nurse a collective migraine. Even more amusing is the internal revolt that subtly turned against Jill Biden, with whispers growing louder that maybe she should nudge her husband toward the exit door.

Meanwhile, the list of potential replacements reads like a progressive yearbook: Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and even Pete Buttigieg. But none have the spine to voice their dissent publicly, fearing the “traitor” label or making Biden cling even tighter to his floundering campaign.

It was a full panic room at a swanky debate watch party in LA featuring notable names like Doug Emhoff and Gretchen Whitmer. The collective despair was palpable, further amplified by Hollywood’s elite. Ironically, the Democrats are stuck in a bind, debating an open convention and contemplating a Harris-led insurgency while juggling their messy identity politics.

Donna Brazile’s reaction to the diversity card is a sideshow. How, she wonders, could all these Democrats place white candidates ahead of Kamala Harris? It’s a comedic interlude in their tragic saga—Mark Twain couldn’t have written it better. While Harris gears up with her ally Minyon Moore, the Democrats remain dazed and confused by Biden’s mental decline.

The irony of taking advice from Harris on handling Biden’s performance only underlines how blindsided and directionless they are. The last 90 minutes of debate were just a snippet of a three-year disaster, signaling that Joe Biden’s decline is now impossible to ignore.

Written by Staff Reports

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