Biden Falls Short in Debate Performance Trump Emerges as Clear Winner in Polls

Donald Trump steamrolled Joe Biden in their first debate, a spectacle Americans witnessed in real-time. The aftermath of polling will be nothing short of disastrous for Biden’s camp. As the new week begins, 72 percent believe Biden lacks the mental capacity to serve as president, and 86 percent thought he was too old to run for a second term last winter. Even reporters are scratching their heads, wondering how anyone can imagine securing another term when three-fourths of the country thinks you’re too brain-fried to run the nation.

Leaks pouring out of the Biden White House aren’t doing any damage control either. Aides admit that between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. is the only period Biden is somewhat coherent. Once that six-hour window closes, it’s lights out, folks. Yet, there is an amusing spin from Politico about the initial reactions from a poll by The PSG Consulting, Democracy Corps, and Greenberg Research.

The summary of the findings from these polls sounds like it was crafted by someone overly optimistic. The summary insists that while the debate poorly hurt Biden, Trump didn’t gain any advantage, except in the votes—which is the only measure that counts, last time anyone checked. This level of delusion is something straight out of the fantasyland liberals often visit.

Meanwhile, a CBS/YouGov poll reveals an even wider gap regarding who won the debate, and it’s overwhelmingly in Trump’s favor with a 56-16 margin. The numbers don’t lie, and they paint a clear picture of Trump’s dominant performance.

The mental gymnastics required to arrive at a conclusion where Trump did not benefit in any way, except that everyone thinks he trounced the president, must be entirely the exercise. Perhaps it’s the type of reasoning one might expect after a hit or two from Hunter Biden’s preferred recreational substance.

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