Biden Dishes Out Fibs at Military Event, Jill’s Face Reveals Our Shared Dismay

In a recent military event, Joe Biden once again couldn’t help himself from telling more whoppers and making awkward comments. While attending a Friendsgiving event with military families at Naval Station Norfolk, Biden went on a tangent about his son Beau and even got confused when talking to service members about shipping out. But perhaps the cringiest moment came when he singled out a little six-year-old girl and complimented her ears, asking if she was 17. It’s always the young girls with Biden, isn’t it? Can someone please keep an eye on him?

But Biden’s falsehoods didn’t end there. As per usual, he tailored his lies to fit the audience, in this case, naval members and their families. He concocted a fake story about how he was initially going to join the Naval Academy but decided against it because there were already football players like Roger Staubach and Joe Bellino there. The problem is, this story doesn’t add up. Biden claimed to have received an appointment to the Naval Academy in 1965, but that doesn’t make sense since he had already graduated from the University of Delaware that year. Additionally, Staubach graduated in 1965 and Bellino in 1961, so Biden’s timeline is all over the place. It’s not a good look to make up stories that insult and deceive the brave men and women who are genuinely serving in the military. Let’s not forget that Biden himself had multiple deferments and never actually served.

To add more strangeness to the event, Biden also told the audience that he “liked kids more than people.” Wait, aren’t kids people too? It’s a twisted statement that only highlights Biden’s peculiar behavior around children. We don’t need reminding of the uncomfortable moments when he’s been caught sniffing them. Seriously, Joe, spare us the weirdness.

Amidst all of this, one can’t help but wonder where Jill Biden is and why she doesn’t step in to save her husband and the country from these embarrassing moments. It’s her duty as the First Lady. But like always, she remains silent. Can we really expect anything different from the Biden administration at this point?

Written by Staff Reports

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