Biden Ditches Economy for Woke Wishlist in Second Term Shocker

Numerous polls conducted in recent months have indicated that President Joe Biden's approval rating has been relatively low, particularly in regard to matters concerning the economy. Moreover, as the election of 2024 approaches, this issue has occupied a significant portion of the minds of many voters. Nonetheless, a Biden aide revealed the president's foremost concerns in the event that he wins a second term in a recent interview; and to no one's surprise, the economy was not even mentioned.

A Biden campaign spokesperson stated during an interview with "Meet the Press" that would be his top priorities if re-elected, the reinstatement of Roe v. Wade and the prohibition of so-called assault weapons (AK-47s, AR-15s, and M-16s). "To begin with: Roe. The president's conviction that Roe v. Wade must be reinstated has remained steadfast. "Women today awake in a nation where their rights are less than those of their ancestors decades ago; this is incomprehensible," the spokesperson insisted.

Furthermore, according to the spokesperson, Biden's prospective second term would be devoted to capping the price of insulin and eliminating student loan debt. Much controversy and concern has surrounded this revelation in conservative circles, as many believe that these priorities are incongruent with the pressing economic issues that require attention.

Indeed, Vice President Kamala Harris declared her intention to commence a comprehensive nationwide tour centering on abortion rights in the run-up to the 2024 election late last month. She asserts that individuals' autonomy over their own bodies and identities is being steadily undermined on a large scale. The discourse propagated by the Biden administration and its allies, specifically regarding abortion rights, has incited considerable controversy among those who contend that these policies advance far-right ideologies.

In general, the disclosure of Biden's prospective second-term objectives has generated contentious discussions, as conservatives express apprehension that the administration appears to be diverting attention from urgent economic matters towards the promotion of a more progressive social agenda.


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