Biden Dollars Scandal Exposed by Breitbart Chief on Live TV!

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and author Alex Marlow made provocative claims during an appearance on Real America’s Voice’s “Stinchfield Tonight,” asserting that President Biden and his family profited significantly from various international sources.

In a spirited discussion about the credibility of the FBI and FBI informant Alexander Smirnov's alleged false statements, anchor Grant Stinchfield raised doubts about the agency's trustworthiness, citing past instances of misinformation. Marlow echoed these sentiments, expressing skepticism about the FBI's integrity and characterizing the situation as a distraction.

Transitioning to the topic of the Bidens, Marlow vehemently asserted that media reports downplaying allegations against them are a hoax. He emphasized claims of the Bidens receiving substantial sums from global entities, citing the Burisma scandal as a prime example of alleged bribery.

Marlow further scrutinized Hunter Biden's financial dealings, particularly highlighting his connections to a Chinese energy executive and questions surrounding transactions involving diamonds and other assets.

Concluding his remarks, Marlow emphasized that the FBI's credibility and the actions of one informant are tangential to the broader allegations against the Bidens, dismissing them as irrelevant to the ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family's financial affairs.

Written by Staff Reports

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