Biden Family Corruption Exposed: Brother’s Scheme Hits New Low

The recent report from Politico has brought to light disturbing revelations about President Joe Biden's family, particularly his brother James Biden's involvement in a corrupt scheme with the bankrupt medical company Americore. Drawing from public records, court filings, interviews, and internal documents, the investigation exposes how the Biden family exploited Joe Biden's political status for personal financial gain.

The report indicates that James Biden used Joe Biden's name extensively in his dealings with potential partners and investors, contradicting previous claims of the president's distance from his family's business affairs. Multiple members of the Biden family, including James Biden's wife, son, and Hunter Biden, were reportedly involved with Americore, highlighting the extent of their exploitation of Joe Biden's political connections.

The revelation that James Biden received a $200,000 loan from Americore, coupled with a personal check he wrote to Joe Biden for the same amount, presents damning evidence of the Biden family's involvement in illicit activities. Moreover, James Biden's reported solicitation of Middle Eastern investors by referencing his brother's political influence further underscores the extent of influence peddling within the family.

The consequences of the Biden family's actions extend beyond mere financial impropriety, impacting families who depended on Americore for medical care. The company's collapse left behind unpaid bills and neglected patients, highlighting the human toll of the Biden family's unethical behavior.

These revelations underscore the urgent need for transparency and accountability in the Biden family's business dealings. As Republicans seize upon the federal proceedings against Americore as evidence of influence peddling, the public's demand for answers grows louder. It is imperative that President Biden and his family be held accountable for their involvement in these nefarious activities.





Written by Staff Reports

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