Biden Donors Waver as Harris Fails to Inspire Confidence

President Joe Biden’s donors seem to be reaching a breaking point, and his VP, Kamala Harris, isn’t exactly a beacon of hope for them either. Reports suggest that donors are getting jittery and are considering alternatives, even to the extent of discussing refunds instead of backing Harris to take over the reins.

During a tense call between Biden’s campaign manager and top donors, the topic of potentially urging Biden to step aside and letting Harris take the lead came up. However, it seems like many donors are less than enthused by the idea. With Harris in the spotlight, it’s becoming clearer that she’s not the savior the Democrats were hoping for in case anything happened to Biden.

Harris’s lackluster performance and unimpressive favorability ratings are causing a stir among donors who are now questioning their continued support. It seems like the idea of Harris as president is not sitting well with many, as they prefer to stick with Biden – cognitive impairments and all – rather than entrust the future to Harris. 


Despite the whispers of replacing Biden, it appears that the Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With limited options available, it seems like they might have to grudgingly stick with Biden, especially with his family pushing him to soldier on. The reluctance to embrace a Harris presidency speaks volumes about the lack of confidence in her capabilities and her past track record.

While the idea of Harris taking over from Biden may sound enticing at first, the reality of her shortcomings and vulnerabilities becoming more apparent could lead to even more chaos within the Democratic Party. It’s a situation ripe for drama and uncertainty, with no clear path forward for either Biden or Harris.

Written by Staff Reports

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