Biden Escapes White House Again: Vacation Master or Avoiding Scandals?

President Joe Biden is making his way to Maine to spread some Bidenomics magic, or so he claims. But let’s be honest, he’s probably more excited about the extended vacation that awaits him right after. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spilled the beans and announced that Biden will be jetting off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he plans to bask in the sun for an entire week. How does he find the time for all these beach vacations? Didn’t he just come back from one? Oh, right, he did!

It’s no surprise that Biden wants to escape the White House for a while. The guy has a track record of avoiding public events and shying away from the spotlight. And who can blame him? With his son’s shady sweetheart plea deal falling apart in court, it must be quite stressful being the President. So why not seek solace in the sandy shores of Delaware?

Maybe Biden is hoping that by spending time at his beach house, he can avoid the scrutiny that comes with being in the White House. After all, there’s no visitor log like the one they keep in Washington. It’s convenient, isn’t it?

Fox Business host Stu Varney recently suggested that Biden should embrace the “basement strategy” to weather the storm. Essentially, he should lay low, take a few carefully managed events, and, better yet, go on a long beach vacation. Well, it seems like Biden took his advice to heart. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to escape the chaos that surrounds him.

Unfortunately for Biden, a beach vacation won’t make his scandals disappear. He can run, but he can’t hide forever. The scandals that plague his family and administration will catch up to him eventually. Hunter’s questionable business dealings, allegations of a criminal bribery scheme, and the looming possibility of an impeachment inquiry will all be waiting for him when he returns.

But hey, at least Biden has mastered the art of taking time off. According to the Republican National Committee (RNC), Biden has spent over 350 days, or nearly 40 percent of his presidency, on vacation away from the White House. Delaware, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Camp David — you name it, he’s vacationed there. It’s impressive, really.

So let Biden enjoy his sandy paradise while he can. But when he returns, he’ll have to face the music. And no amount of beach time can save him from the consequences of his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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