Trump Shreds ‘Deranged’ Smith Over New Charges in Documents Case!

Former President Donald Trump is not holding back after Special Counsel Jack Smith filed additional charges against him in the classified documents case. Trump is adamant that he did not do anything wrong and is accusing Smith of harassment. He believes that Smith is targeting him because he is leading in early 2024 presidential election surveys. However, these charges are specific in nature and were unlikely made up. Trump may find himself in trouble if a Mar-a-Lago employee testifies under oath that he asked them to delete security camera footage.

Nonetheless, Trump is standing firm in his belief that these charges are ridiculous and part of a larger campaign against him. He even called Smith “deranged” in a fiery statement. Trump sees these indictments as nothing more than harassment and interference in the election. He also believes that history will ultimately prove that these charges were baseless and that his poll numbers have actually increased since they were filed. In typical Trump fashion, he sticks to a simplistic story, always asserting that he did nothing wrong and that the charges against him are politically motivated.

Written by Staff Reports

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