Mira Sorvino Shatters Hollywood’s Silence on Trafficking at CPAC!

Mira Sorvino, an actress best known for playing the heartbreaking role of "Sound of Freedom," has spoken out against human trafficking. She is the featured speaker at the upcoming CPAC summit, where she will discuss the importance of fighting against this crime.

In addition to talking about the topic, Sorvino also quoted Lincoln, who stated that if slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong. It’s time for leftists to wake up and realize that human trafficking is a heinous crime that should unite people regardless of their political affiliation.

"Of Freedom," which is about a former federal agent named Tim Ballard, stars Sorvino as his wife. She shows her support for his mission to save kids from sex trafficking. Hollywood elites may not agree with the story, but they should at least hear it. It is uplifting and heroic, and it doesn't fit neatly into their liberal agenda.

Despite the smear campaign against the film, it’s still doing well at the box office. This faith-based movie is about the dark corners of child trafficking, and it shows that conservatives can produce great entertainment.

At the CPAC event, Sorvino urged politicians to work together on the issue of human trafficking. She talked about the victims of this crime, such as women and children, as well as those who are mentally disabled or homeless. She noted that conservatives should be compassionate and protect these individuals.

Other prominent individuals, such as Senator Marsha Blackburn and Rosi Orozco, shared their thoughts on the importance of fighting against human trafficking. While she commended the movie "Sound of Freedom," Orozco noted that the reality of this issue is worse than what it portrayed. Blackburn also shared shocking statistics about the number of children being sold or bought for sex in the US.

Together, let's rise up and fight against the evil organizations that are responsible for the heinous acts of human trafficking. We can make a difference by joining forces and putting an end to this crime.

Mira Sorvino's book is a must-read for anyone who believes that they care about human rights and social justice, as well as for those in Hollywood who claim to be concerned about inequality and social justice. The actress is using her platform to make a real difference in the world, and she's shedding light on a critical issue.

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