Flashback: Hunter Biden Scolded for Lunch Money by Devon Archer!

Hunter Biden and his former best friend, Devon Archer, are no longer on good terms. Text messages from 2019 shed light on their crumbling friendship and hint at the upcoming closed-door testimony that Archer will give to Congress about the Biden family’s shady business activities. In one exchange, Hunter asked Archer for a loan of five dollars through Cash App. However, Archer explained that he couldn’t use Cash App because he didn’t have a bank account.

This seemingly innocent conversation took a turn when Archer confronted Hunter about the Obama administration’s decision to prosecute him for defrauding a Native American tribe. Archer questioned why Hunter’s father’s appointees arrested him and why no one from Hunter’s family stepped in to help. Archer even expressed his frustration with “these Asians getting in my head,” likely referring to their Chinese business partners.

This tension between the two friends is now reaching its boiling point, as Archer is set to testify about numerous business deals involving President Biden, including a case of government corruption and bribery. However, House Republicans are accusing the Department of Justice of politically motivated actions by requesting Archer to report to prison before his testimony.

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding Archer is also impacting Hunter Biden’s own legal troubles. His plea agreement, which involved admitting guilt to tax charges and possessing an illegal firearm, is falling apart because prosecutors are still investigating Hunter for potential crimes related to his failure to register as a foreign agent during his overseas business dealings with Archer. It’s a mess for the Biden family, with allegations, investigations, and broken friendships all coming to light. As the truth unfolds, the American people deserve to know the full extent of their questionable activities.

Written by Staff Reports

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