Harris Shuns Duty: Sheriff Lamb Calls Out VP on Border Crisis

Arizona Republican Senate candidate and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for failing to take action in closing the southern border. In response to Harris’s accusation that GOP governors are using immigrants as pawns for political gain, Lamb retorted, “What’s irresponsible is not closing the border.” He further stated that it is Harris’s responsibility to address this issue.

Lamb highlighted the involvement of red state governors, particularly those in Arizona and Texas, who have resorted to busing immigrants. However, Lamb asserts that the blame cannot rest solely on these governors, as the United States government is also sending 10 to 20 buses for every bus dispatched by the states.

Beyond the logistical concerns, Lamb drew attention to the individuals being allowed into the country. He disclosed that the Biden administration has apprehended 140 terrorists on the terrorist watch list who attempted to cross the southern border. Additionally, there have been 92,000 unaccompanied minors who have entered the country so far.

Lamb also emphasized that the weak southern border is attracting immigrants from as far as China. He warned that many of these individuals have ulterior motives and that it is crucial to enforce the existing legal processes for immigrating to the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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