Biden Faces Alarming Drop in Black Voter Support as Poll Numbers Plummet

Joe Biden must be feeling the heat from more than just the summer sun, as the numbers tell a tale of a president floundering with a key demographic: black voters. CNN’s Harry Enten, a data enthusiast and FiveThirtyEight alum, found himself incredulous at the latest poll numbers. With Independence Day approaching and campaign season in full swing, one has to wonder if the Democrats are prepping their emergency Pepto Bismol supply. Enten’s deep dive into the data reveals a staggering shift that could spell disaster for the Biden administration.

Back in 2020, Biden was cruising with an 80-point lead among black voters under 50. Fast forward to now, and that lead has shrunk to a modest 37 points. Such a dramatic drop left Enten stunned and speechless. Let’s not even mention black Democrats over 50, where Biden’s advantage has dipped from an 83-point lead to just 74 points. If this trend continues, Biden might need more than folksy anecdotes to claw back those lost supporters.

In battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Biden is also flailing with black voters. His support hovers at a pitiful 63 percent, while Trump stands tall at 23 percent. Throw Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. into the mix, and Biden’s numbers nosedive further to 49 percent, with Trump at 14 percent and Kennedy snagging 11 percent. Once reliable bastions of Democratic support, these states could now be Trump’s ticket to a historic election night. 


Enten’s astonishment is understandable, considering the media’s relentless effort to pin Trump as a racist and white nationalist over the past eight years. Has it backfired? The data suggests a colossal yes. Black Americans are showing, through their support, that Biden’s presidency isn’t to their liking. The question looms: Does Biden have any tricks left to regain their favor, or will he trot out the old fear-mongering rhetoric about the GOP putting blacks back in chains?

Glenn Greenwald, a progressive reporter, underscored the spectacular failure of the media’s anti-Trump campaign. The consistent narrative branding Trump as a racist appears to have missed its mark entirely. Black voters, much like their Latino counterparts, are making a noticeable shift away from the Democratic Party towards Trump. The Democrats might want to rethink their strategy, or they could be in for a nightmarish election.

So, buckle up. If Biden’s team is hoping for a miracle to reverse this trend, they’re going to need more than wishful thinking. The landscape is shifting, the data is clear, and the message from black voters is resounding: they’re just not that into Joe anymore.

Written by Staff Reports

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