Biden Fails to Win Hearts on Trump’s Truth Social: Sad Attempt!

In an apparent attempt to ruffle the feathers of our beloved former President Donald Trump, the Biden campaign has shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon of the social media app owned by Trump himself, Truth Social. It’s clear that Biden is still not over his obsession with Trump, resorting to desperate measures to get under his skin.

Biden, who is known for his divisive rhetoric and baseless attacks on Trump and his supporters, seemed to find amusement in the move, joking that converts to his movement are welcome. Well, isn’t that just precious? It’s amazing how Biden thinks he can win people over by joining a platform built by Trump supporters. Nice try, Sleepy Joe.

Of course, Biden’s first post on Truth Social received a less than enthusiastic response. With only 2,500 likes and a whopping 7,500 replies expressing disapproval, it’s safe to say that the majority of users are not impressed by Biden’s attempt at humor. Can you blame them? Who wants to hear more empty promises and lies from the doddering commander-in-chief?

To add insult to injury, Biden’s team decided to deck out their account with a profile picture of Biden sporting glowing red eyes, reminiscent of the “Dark Brandon” meme created by his own supporters. They really think they’re being edgy, don’t they? It’s just sad how they’re grasping at straws to appear relevant and cool. Newsflash, Biden: You’ll never be as cool as Trump.

In a feeble attempt to promote himself and take shots at Trump, Biden’s second post featured a clip of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticizing Trump’s contribution to the national debt. Seriously, Biden? Is that the best you’ve got? Resorting to airing out dirty laundry from the Republican party shows just how desperate and weak you truly are.

But let’s be real here, folks. Biden joining Truth Social is like a drop in the ocean. The platform is overwhelmingly conservative, and Biden’s liberal agenda simply won’t resonate with the majority of its users. He might as well be shouting into a void.

It’s worth noting that while “Sleepy Joe” continues to waste his time on social media, our beloved Trump has stayed above the pettiness and hasn’t even acknowledged Biden’s presence on Truth Social. Trump knows better than to engage with someone who can never match his wit, charisma, and leadership.

In the end, Biden’s antics on Truth Social will make little impact, if any at all. So, let’s all sit back and enjoy the show as Biden continues to embarrass himself with his desperate attempts to stay relevant in the shadow of the true champion of the American people, Donald J. Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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