Biden Falters at Debate, Dems Scramble as Jack Smith’s Trump Case Crumbles

Joe Biden’s first presidential debate performance was a sight to behold—or maybe to mask? The Democrats, now likely questioning how their leader tripped over his words so spectacularly, are doubling down on their old playbook: lawfare. Unsurprisingly, their chosen gladiator, Jack Smith, seems to be losing his grip on the supposed January 6th case against Donald Trump.

The Biden administration probably hoped Smith would play the role of the white knight, galloping in to save their faltering political narrative. Instead, it looks like the horse might be trotting off without him. The Democrats’ obsession with Trump is getting more desperate as this case clings to relevance by a single fraying thread.

Even with the mainstream media running in circles trying to pivot away from Biden’s blunders, the facts about Trump’s involvement in January 6th continue to prove harder to nail down than jello to a wall. The legal beagles that Team Biden summoned seem baffled, probably realizing that their one-trick pony might not perform the way they fantasized.

As Biden continues to stumble, Smith’s crusade against Trump probably looks less like justice and more like an episode from a soap opera. The Democrats, in their frenzy to vilify Trump and distract from Biden’s shaky showcasing, might end up with nothing more than an empty bag and a bunch of egg on their faces.

Instead of propping up a leader who needs constant cue cards, the Democrats are ironically showing America where their real priorities lie: chasing shadows of conspiracy while Trump continues his own political marathon, seemingly unscathed.

Written by Staff Reports

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