Biden Flakes On G20 Event, White House Can’t Explain Why

Over the course of the last couple of days, Joe Biden has been traveling across the globe. There have been various embarrassing moments that he has made during his time away. One of these is his kowtling to Chinese leaders as they were getting ready to attend the G20 summit. This was an absolute scandal that the US should be showcasing its strength and competency.

A disturbing moment has emerged after Vice President Joe Biden abruptly left the G20 dinner. According to multiple reports, he did not explain his exit and referred to an early lid as a strategy used by his handlers to keep him from going off-script.

According to the Washington Times, a Biden spokesman said those alleged “matters” were “nothing urgent”:

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy explained the strange circumstances surrounding Biden's departure from the dinner.

I believe that if the other issues weren't so urgent, Biden should have just gone to the dinner. On Monday, he said that he was suffering from a cold, but his handlers insisted that it wasn't contagious and that he was fine. Even though an official from another G-20 country reportedly tested positive for influenza, Biden insisted that it wasn't contagious and that he was fine.

He said that Biden decided to leave early to allow him to attend to other matters. He also noted that this was a long day, and he had other “important” matters that he had to attend to.

The public has no idea what is going on with Joe Biden due to his inability to carry out his or her responsibilities anymore. Just the people close to him who refuse to tell the American people what is happening.

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