Biden’s Student Loan Scam Gets BLOCKED By Federal Court

A federal court ruled that former US Vice President Joe Biden's plan to pay off his student loans was not feasible. This ruling is similar to one made by a Texas judge.

Six GOP-led states won the major battle taking place in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

It was no surprise that the Supreme Court turned down the request of Joe Biden to have the debts of US military personnel forgiven. He used a law passed after the attacks of September 11 to help those who served.

Despite the COVID-19 emergency, the White House still tried implementing the law to get rid of federal student loans. The court ruled this move would set a dangerous precedent.

The main reason why people voted for the Democrats was because they believed that they were receiving a huge government handout. During the campaign, there was a lot of corruption. Biden knew that he was breaking the law by issuing an executive order, and he tried to use it to influence the election.

After the election, the president's executive order was thrown out. The White House stopped accepting applications for the program.

Despite the various steps that the courts have taken to prevent the Democrats from buying elections, they will still continue to try to influence the results by using illegal actions. Voters did not  support the president's plan to help the students with student loans.

Even though the average working class person is better off than the individuals who have to pay off their debts, Biden was wrong to make this happen. The people who voted for the Democrats were mainly motivated by their belief that the government was giving them a better deal.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on REDSTATE.

Written by Staff Reports

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