Biden Flip-Flops on ICC Penalties After Clooney Intervention

President Joe Biden made a big change to a policy from the time of President Trump. He stopped penalties on the International Criminal Court as soon as he became president. The Court wanted to arrest Israeli leaders along with Hamas terrorists. President Biden wasn’t happy about it, calling the case “outrageous.” He said there’s no comparison between Israel and Hamas.

After that, Congress started talking about making the penalties on the ICC happen again. The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said the White House would work with Congress on the penalties. But then, President Biden changed his mind and said he really didn’t want those penalties.

Biden’s disapproval of the case against Israel was ignored. Amal Clooney, who spent months looking at the evidence and suggesting charges, didn’t like the White House getting mad about it. Her husband, George Clooney, talked to a top White House person about Biden’s criticism. He was upset that Biden was going after his wife’s work.

George Clooney was also upset because the White House was open to giving penalties to the ICC, which would affect his wife. Even though Clooney was unhappy with Biden’s comments, he still plans to help Biden with fundraising and go to events for his campaign.

So it looks like Biden got mad at the ICC, then Clooney called the White House, and then Biden changed his mind about the penalties. Now, Clooney is helping Biden with fundraising and going to his events.

Written by Staff Reports

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