Biden’s Border Policies Face Widespread Disapproval Poll Shows Mass Deportation Demand

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order on border security. However, many registered voters are expressing their disapproval of the open border policies. A recent poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov revealed that 63 percent of registered voters are against these policies and want mass deportations of illegal aliens. The majority of Hispanics also support a national deportation program.

Additionally, despite the executive order, there has been no significant impact on the influx of illegal immigrants into the country. Border Patrol is reportedly still being directed to release military-aged men onto the streets of America. An internal memo obtained by Fox News shows that agents in the San Diego sector are instructed to release single adults from most countries in the eastern hemisphere, classifying them as “hard” or “very…”

The mass release of individuals by Border Patrol continued even after President Biden’s executive order was implemented. These developments have raised concerns and fueled opposition to the administration’s border security approach.

Written by Staff Reports

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