Biden Flip-Flops on SCOTUS Affirmative Action Verdict: Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds!

In a recent statement, President Joe Biden expressed his strong disagreement with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down race-based admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. Biden, looking frail and sounding unconvincing, quoted from Justice Sotomayor’s dissent and affirmed his alliance with the dissenting justices. However, Biden’s remarks were hypocritical, as he failed to acknowledge the inconsistencies in his own actions and those of his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was granted a commission in the United States Naval Reserve despite being well past the age ceiling and having no qualifications. This favoritism based on connections contradicts Biden’s claim that affirmative action ensures qualified applicants are chosen based on merit.

Biden’s continued blather about diversity being the country’s greatest strength also falls flat. He claims that colleges select students based on a pool of qualified applicants, but fails to mention the preferential treatment given to legacy and influential applicants. Biden’s own son is a prime example of how the well-connected bypass the standards that others must meet. This undermines the credibility of Biden’s argument in support of affirmative action.

Furthermore, Biden’s interpretation of the Founding Documents is flawed. Nowhere in the text does it guarantee equal opportunity for everyone or prioritize qualified applicants. Biden and his cabinet are evidence that the system he describes has not been functioning effectively for quite some time.

Biden’s repeated mantra-like phrases about racial inequality and the need to acknowledge it do little to support his argument. In fact, statistics show that students from wealthy families are far more likely to get into elite colleges than those from lower-income families. Biden’s claim that the rich and well-connected are the ones benefiting from the system is ironic, considering his nomination of Julie Su, who has stacked the odds against hardworking Californians.

The educational system cannot be forced into a one-size-fits-all paradigm. Different types of education, such as public, private, trade, and apprenticeship opportunities, exist for a reason. This administration’s attempt to impose its vision of equal opportunity disregards the diverse needs of individuals.

Finally, Biden’s call for the Department of Education to study ways to preserve equal opportunity in college admissions is nothing more than empty words. His track record of continuing policies and promoting initiatives that harm the American people is evidence of his hypocrisy.

In conclusion, Biden’s remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision display his hypocrisy and lack of understanding about how the educational system truly works. His claims of advocating for equal opportunity and diversity fall flat when confronted with the realities of his own actions and those of his son. The American people deserve better from their president.

Source= RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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