Biden Freezes During Debate Raises Doubts About His Mental Fitness and Policy Plans

During a recent debate, President Joe Biden seemed to hit a glitch harder than a Windows 95 computer. Advocating for hiking taxes on the ultra-rich, Biden froze like a deer caught in the headlights for a solid ten seconds. Maybe he was trying to count how many brain cells he has left after that brain freeze.

Struggling to put together a coherent sentence, Biden rambled about childcare, healthcare, and something about “beating Medicare.” The moderator swooped in like a teacher saving a failing student and redirected the conversation to former President Donald Trump, who wasted no time pouncing on Biden’s blunders like a cat on a laser pointer.

Trump didn’t hold back, accusing Biden of beating Medicare to a pulp and on the verge of demolishing Social Security. It’s like Biden’s policies are the wrecking ball and America’s social safety nets are the condemned building.

Biden’s mental hiccups on stage only amplify the concerns swirling around his cognitive abilities and age. It’s not just conservative pundits raising red flags; even Democrats are starting to question if Biden’s elevator goes all the way to the top floor. With over half of registered voters expressing doubt about Biden’s mental fitness and two-thirds feeling he’s too old for the job, it seems like Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming a bipartisan concern.

Written by Staff Reports

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