Liberals Wake Up to Biden’s Decline After Debate Disaster

President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump served as a wake-up call for several notable liberal figures, illustrating the dramatic backslide from his already questionable 2020 appearance. Despite their best intentions, it appears that Democrats are finally catching on to what conservatives have known all along: Biden might not be cut out for another term.

Following the debate, some prominent left-wing commentators couldn’t hide their disappointment. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof openly mused that Biden should step aside, pushing the decision of the Democratic nominee to the party convention. Kristof even speculated on potential replacements, mentioning Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo as suitable alternatives.

Andrew Yang, Biden’s primary adversary from the 2020 campaign, joined the chorus. Yang intimated that Biden on stage in 2024 barely resembled the candidate he faced multiple times in debates just four years ago. This sentiment was succinctly encapsulated in his viral hashtag #swapJoeout, a clear indicator of his stance on the matter.

MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter also chimed in, echoing a similar tune. In his vision, Biden pulling out and freeing up his delegates would make way for a fresh, youthful candidate to sweep Trump out in the November elections. Alter’s utopian scenario involved a campaign free of internal bickering and expensive ads, though anyone with a modicum of political awareness knows how improbable that sounds.

Peter Daou, a former campaign guru to Hillary Clinton and Marianne Williamson, didn’t hold back either. He took to social media to categorically state his position, painting a grim picture of Biden’s physical and mental acuity. Daou’s subsequent announcement of his support for Green Party candidate Jill Stein further hinted at a potential fracturing of the Democratic vote, a situation that even the most casual observer knows would be a dream come true for conservatives.

These public declarations by notable liberals only serve to spotlight the internal chaos within the Democratic party. Democrats appear to be scrambling for alternatives, but it’s clear to anyone watching that they’re in deep waters. As the 2024 election season heats up, Biden’s shaky grip on his party and the candid confessions of his closest allies only reinforce what many already suspect—the Democratic ship is sinking and fast.

Written by Staff Reports

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