Biden Ghostwriter Faces Contempt of Congress as House Judiciary Cracks Down on Stonewalling

The saga of President Joe Biden’s sketchy dealings continues to unravel, and this time, his ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer is in the hot seat. Zwonitzer, the man behind the curtain for Biden’s memoirs, is on track to be held in contempt of Congress. The House Judiciary Committee isn’t playing around as they hold a markup on this move, and it’s looking like Zwonitzer’s refusal to cooperate with congressional investigators will finally catch up to him.

Following the release of Special Counsel Robert K. Hur’s report on February 5, 2024, the Committee engaged with Zwonitzer for a very limited set of documents. Surprise, surprise, Zwonitzer balked. They even issued a subpoena on March 22, 2024, compelling him to produce six categories of documents, including audio recordings and transcripts of his interviews with Biden. One would think that if Biden and his people had nothing to hide, they’d be more forthcoming, but no—Zwonitzer has hunkered down, refusing to produce a single scrap of requested material. 


The Committee’s rationale is clear: they need to determine if there’s a need for legislative reforms about handling classified materials. Zwonitzer’s stonewalling has thrown a substantial wrench in their investigations. For now, he’s holding onto those documents like they’re the winning lottery ticket. The Committee’s report highlights that Zwonitzer’s compliance is crucial—not just to understand Biden’s mishandling of classified information, but also to scrutinize Zwonitzer’s own use and storage of these materials. This isn’t some witch-hunt; it’s about accountability and securing the nation’s secrets.

And let’s talk about those crucial audio recordings and transcripts of interviews with Biden, especially relating to his memoirs, “Promise Me, Dad” and “Promises to Keep.” Isn’t it curious that Zwonitzer hasn’t coughed up these materials? His silence and refusal to comply have only fueled suspicions about what Biden and his ghostwriter might be hiding or trying to obscure from public scrutiny. The delay tactics aren’t doing Team Biden any favors and are certainly not contributing to the transparency they continually preach about.

All the while, Biden remains in a state of denial, brushing off key facts from the Hur report like crumbs off his suit jacket. With the Oversight Committee and GOP leaders like Jim Jordan persistently pushing the issue, the American public can only hope that justice prevails. The question is, will Zwonitzer fold under the pressure, or will he keep playing his game of hide-and-seek with Congress? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the truth has a funny way of coming out, eventually.

Written by Staff Reports

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