Biden Refuses Drug Test Before Debate with Trump

Well, it looks like President Biden and his team have once again shown their true colors by refusing to take a drug test ahead of the much-anticipated debate against former President Donald Trump. Trump and his Republican allies have been calling for this simple transparency measure to ensure fair play, but Team Biden is having none of it.

Biden campaign spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod appeared on CNN and, unsurprisingly, had no substantial answer to Trump’s request. Instead, she decided to use Hillary Clinton’s 2016 debates as a reference point, conveniently ignoring the fact that past debates are irrelevant to the current concerns about Biden’s performance. Republicans have been voicing their suspicions of Biden using performance-enhancing drugs since the 2020 campaign, a charge that Biden’s handlers have predictably denied without further investigation.

Trump, never one to shy away from humor and blunt directness, took to Truth Social to call for Biden to take the test, even offering to take one himself. Trump’s lighthearted yet serious nudge served to highlight the ongoing questions surrounding Biden’s clarity and coherence. The request for a drug test is not just about drugs—it’s about proving to the American people that their leaders are of sound mind and body.

The Biden camp’s response was to deploy Mitch Landrieu, who dismissed Trump’s comments as mere trash talk. Landrieu attempted to deflect by pointing to a past instance where Trump struggled to remember the name of his doctor. The real issue, however, remains unaddressed: why is Biden so averse to the idea of a simple drug test? After all, if there’s nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be an issue.

So, as the debate looms, the real question Americans should be asking is: what is President Biden afraid of? If he’s truly as sharp and alert as his team claims, stepping up to take a drug test should be as routine as showing up for the debate itself. One thing’s for sure—with President Biden likely dodging another straightforward question, voters have yet another reason to wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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