Biden Has An About-Face Regarding Aliens

Even though Biden is suffering from dementia, he is still not able to recall his responsibilities as the Secretary of Defense. If the president were to ban other nations from entering our airspace, we would be in serious trouble. This would likely encourage extraterrestrials to launch a scare campaign against the US.

Among the things that I've learned during the recent political crisis is that his initial claims about the spy balloon were completely disproven.

During a speech, the president said that he wanted to shoot down an enemy aircraft as soon as possible. He noted that the Defense Department and intelligence community were worried about the possible harm that could be caused by an enemy plane in a massive state such as Montana.

“What would happen if this monster fell and hit a school in a remote region?” Biden asked, adding that the officials made the right decision by shooting it down immediately.

Since the president ordered the downing of the spy balloon over Montana and Alaska, I assume that he has concluded that the importance of children has diminished. It seems that the large states in the country were no longer able to prevent the Chinese surveillance aircraft from flying across the continent.

Despite his various claims about the incident, Biden was still constantly lying about his failure to shoot down the spy balloon. For instance, he claimed that he ordered the shoot down days before it was launched, but this claim was fabricated to conceal his lack of resolve and his incompetence. The fact that the US is now shooting down extraterrestrials on land shows that he did not order the shoot down before the craft was ready for takeoff.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News

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