Biden Hides Away at Camp David for a Week Amid Global and Domestic Crises

While the world lights itself on fire, President Joe Biden has decided to spend an entire week tucked away at Camp David. It seems the octogenarian commander-in-chief needs every second he can get to prep for his debate with former President Donald Trump. Because apparently, a handful of cue cards won’t cut it this time around.

Already having a leisurely stay at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Biden will jet off to the Maryland retreat on Thursday evening. The FAA’s Notice to Airmen has already locked down a no-fly zone around Camp David until next Thursday. It looks like our president takes debate prep very, very seriously. One has to wonder what kind of “preparation” demands seven days straight of running away from the Oval Office. 


And in case anyone thought the elongated absence might mean business as usual in the press department — think again. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has already thrown in the towel on daily briefings, confirming there wouldn’t be any while Biden plays hide-and-seek at Camp David. Apparently, transparency takes a backseat when the agenda is one week of intense hiding from the media. 


Meanwhile, let’s take a quick gander at what’s happening outside Camp David’s bubble. Israel is contending with increasing attacks from Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists, Putin buddies up with Kim Jong Un, and the Chinese Coast Guard is none too subtly upping the ante in the South China Sea. And don’t forget the continuous border chaos and Americans stretching every dollar just to scrape by. Oh, and government officials are sounding alarm bells about possible terror threats to the homeland. It almost feels like the world could use a leader in the office rather than in the woods.

So with all these crises brewing, where’s good ol’ Joe Biden? Playing escape artist at Camp David, skirting the press, and focusing all his energy on debate prep. Maybe his team thinks a full week of campfire stories and hypothetical debate questions will magically transform their aging candidate into an oratorical warrior ready to tango with Trump. America will see what kind of magic seven-day prep sessions can conjure up on debate night.

Written by Staff Reports

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