Trump Slams Fox News Poll Showing Him Behind Biden

Donald Trump isn't pulling any punches. The former President turned Truth Social warrior lashed out at Fox News after their latest poll, which absurdly shows him trailing President Joe Biden by a whopping two points. Fox News, once the bastion of fair and balanced reporting, seems to have jumped onto the mainstream media bandwagon with this one.

The Fox poll indicates Biden is ahead at 50% compared to Trump's 48%. It is a real laugh if you know anything about real polling. This is the first time Fox has had Biden leading since last October, raising eyebrows and questions about the integrity of their methods. Trump, unsurprisingly, called the poll "trash," pointing out the glaring bias with more Biden 2020 voters being polled than Trump 2020 voters. No surprise there—skew the data, skew the results.

Trump isn't buying it, and neither should any sane American. He's leading big in nearly every other poll, especially in battleground states like Wisconsin, where his rallies draw massive crowds. Pennsylvania is next on his list, and let's be honest—nothing screams "winning" like a packed rally in the Keystone State. It's almost laughable to think Fox ever treated Trump or his powerhouse MAGA movement fairly. Maybe ditching Paul Ryan and getting a new pollster wouldn't hurt their credibility, but that's wishful thinking.

In March, Fox had Trump up by five points, only to see the lead shrink to one last month. Now, they expect us to believe Biden's ahead by two? Nice try. Their poll claims Biden leads Trump by 15 points among voters aged 65 and older, 17 points among women, and gained favor with Independents by nine points—a sharp turnaround from last month. The Fox polling team has been busy spinning numbers instead of reporting the actual sentiments of Americans.

Despite the bizarre polling gymnastics, the core demographics of the race haven't budged. Biden may have seen slight improvements with women and seniors, but he's still tanking among younger voters and African Americans compared to his support in 2020. Even veteran Republican pollster Daron Shaw couldn't deny the underlying demographic trends defining race.

Trump and Biden are set to face off in their first debate on June 27. With the former President's arsenal of polls (that are credible) on his side, it's shaping up to be a showdown that could unleash a reality check on these skewed reports. Conservative America is ready, and so is Trump. Let the games begin.

Written by Staff Reports

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