Biden Inner Circle Shields Him Raises Concerns About Transparency and Health

A recent report from Axios exposed a shocking revelation about President Joe Biden’s close aides effectively shielding him from White House staff and the public eye. The behavior of Biden’s inner circle, led by the likes of Anthony Bernal and Annie Tomasini, has caused concern among White House aides. They have created a barrier around the President, keeping even the residence staff at arm’s length. This level of protection has left many within the White House feeling isolated and out of the loop.

The tight grip of Biden’s aides was particularly evident during a White House celebration on July 4, 2021, when staff were blocked from aiding the President after he appeared overheated. This incident, along with Biden’s lackluster debate performance, has raised questions about the transparency and independence of the President. Even former White House officials have come forward to express their concerns about Biden’s inner circle and their control over the narrative surrounding his health and abilities.

Criticism of Biden’s aides has also emerged from within the White House, with former deputy White House director of photography Chandler West, calling for Biden to step down. Despite these damning revelations, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates dismissed the allegations of Biden being shielded by his aides, claiming that the President works closely with a diverse team to achieve historic results for the American people.

The report sheds light on the level of control exerted by Biden’s closest aides and its implications for the administration's transparency and accountability. As concerns grow over Biden’s performance and health, the role of his inner circle in shaping the narrative around the President’s presidency has come under scrutiny. Time will tell how these revelations impact the perception of Biden’s leadership and the effectiveness of his administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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