Biden Invests Heavily in North Carolina Hoping to Turn State Blue Again

Here they go again! Biden’s re-election machine is gearing up to unleash millions in North Carolina, banking on turning the traditionally red state blue like Obama once managed. Apparently, Team Biden believes the Tar Heel State, which he narrowly lost to Trump in 2020, is worth sinking some serious cash into.

Biden’s posse has already set up 16 offices and staffed over 60 people in North Carolina, outdoing Hillary’s 2016 effort and his own in 2020. So far, they’ve splurged $5.2 million in the state, hoping to force Trump into spending money in his stronghold. In case anyone’s wondering, Trump’s campaign has wisely kept their wallet closed in North Carolina for now.

Biden’s pollster cheerfully announced this is a bigger and bolder effort than anything seen on Trump’s side. Clearly, they’re flaunting their spending like it’s Black Friday. Biden plans another joyous visit to North Carolina, his fourth this year. Not to be outdone, Kamala Harris has made five trips herself, all in a valiant effort to charm North Carolinians.

Despite Biden’s narrow loss in 2020 and the state’s historical inclination towards Republicans, Democrats cling to the hope inspired by Obama’s 2008 victory. Democrats are quick to point out their successes in gubernatorial races, winning seven out of eight recent elections, conveniently ignoring the Republican dominance in Senate races is less comfortable.

Meanwhile, the governor’s race is spotlighting North Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a Trump-endorsed candidate who’s ruffled some feathers. Claims that he denied the Holocaust and criticized Parkland shooting survivors have Democrats salivating, hoping his controversy will attract votes for their golden boy, Josh Stein.

The dreamers in the Biden camp envision themselves and Stein forming some kind of political power couple, boosting each other’s appeal. Their fantasy extends to the state’s growing population, proudly noting over 100,000 new residents from places like New York and California. They seem to think these newbies will help them flip the state blue.

But, of course, Democrats know their Achilles’ heel—getting people to actually show up and vote. Despite high turnout among African-American voters in 2008, numbers have since dwindled. Unfazed by reality, Democrats are pinning their hopes on invigorating Mecklenburg County, as they daydream about tapping into a non-existent gold mine of voters.

In the meantime, Trump’s camp can sit back and enjoy the show as Biden orchestrates his lavish spending spree. Here’s hoping North Carolinians stay true to their roots and keep the state solidly red.

Written by Staff Reports

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