Biden Policy Boosts Crime as Gangs Infest U.S., Study Finds

There’s a new frontier in America’s crime problem, and it has Pennsylvania in its crosshairs. The Biden administration, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to pave a legal highway for the spouses and children of U.S. residents who’ve been here illegally for a decade or more. Naturally, this colossal blunder has injected new life into already fuming worries about transnational organized crime. Who would have guessed that bolstering a porous border could be a criminal mastermind’s dream?

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel casually dropped the bomb that his city is infested with neighborhood gang sets, ranging from local thugs to international crime syndicates. And cue the ominous music – the FBI has spotlighted a staggering 33,000 violent gangs wreaking havoc nationwide, including the notorious MS-13 and 18th Street gangs. The sinister hands of the Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels stretch across all fifty states, orchestrating what may be the worst drug crisis in U.S. history. But, sure, let’s keep bending over backwards to cater to those breaking the law to be here.


The critics wag their fingers, claiming we simply don’t have enough data to connect the dots between illegal immigration and rising crime. One would think this lack of data might be intentional. Some starry-eyed analysts even argue crime has dipped in cities that have embraced an influx of migrants, like Philadelphia. While homicides and rapes in the City of Brotherly Love might be down, look no further than skyrocketing robbery and property crime stats to see the real story. Homicides may be down this year, but have they looked at the bigger picture?

John Fabbricatore, a retired ICE Field Office Director and a congressional candidate, cuts through the smoke and mirrors. He paints a grim portrait of gangs establishing themselves in immigrant-heavy communities and then branching out like a cancer. The latest flavor of mischief? South American Theft Groups. These professional bandits exploit tourist visas to execute elaborate burglaries and heists, targeting posh neighborhoods. They even play spy gear and get-out-of-jail-free with phony IDs and rental cars.

Sanctuary cities, eager to appear crime-free and attract tourism dollars, aren’t exactly meticulous about recording the immigration status of arrestees. Fabbricatore’s book ‘De-Iced: America in the Era of Open Borders and Unchecked Immigration’ exposes the facade that sanctuary cities propagate about their so-called low crime rates. According to him, redefining crime stats and easing legal repercussions doesn’t mean crime is down; it means it’s well-hidden.

With Biden at the helm, it’s estimated that even if a mere 0.5% of the 7-million-strong migrant swarm were gangsters or criminals, that’s still an army of 35,000 delinquents. Pair this with those who bypass vetting processes, including potential terrorists, and one thing becomes glaringly clear: every state is now feeling the heat of the border crisis. The Department of Homeland Security’s latest performance review underscores that asylum seekers and other noncitizens are not being appropriately scrutinized. Flashy gestures and empty promises won’t change a thing; only time—and potentially more crime—will.

Written by Staff Reports

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