Biden Mingles with Elites, Secret Service Robbed at Gunpoint in Crime-Ridden Hollywood

President Biden managed to lose more than just focus during his latest fundraising escapade in Hollywood. While the President was busy hobnobbing with Tinseltown elites, one of his own Secret Service agents found himself on the receiving end of a criminal greeting—he was robbed at gunpoint. That’s right, as the President was wooing big donors, the streets just outside were proving that “defund the police” slogans don’t exactly make for safe neighborhoods.

The irony is thicker than the smog in Los Angeles. Here we have the leader of the free world, fervent advocate for stricter gun control, mingling with people who prefer gated communities over border security, and one of his protectors gets relieved of his valuables at gunpoint. Meanwhile, back in Washington, the policy wheels keep spinning, oblivious to the real-world implications for everyday Americans who don’t have a security detail.

Los Angeles, a city known more for its sunsets than safety stats, has increasingly become a playground for criminals, thanks to soft-on-crime policies and progressive district attorneys who think jail time is an outdated concept. This incident puts a fine point on the argument that maybe, just maybe, security shouldn’t be an afterthought.

The scene sounds like something out of a Hollywood script—where fantasy usually trumps reality—but this time, it was all too real. One wonders if the President even noticed the absence of one more person on his Secret Service detail, or if the matter was simply glossed over with a quick mention of “it comes with the territory.”

As Democrats continue to push for fewer cops and fewer guns, this little Hollywood showdown serves as a stark reminder. When it comes to keeping Americans safe, actions speak louder than words, and the actions are currently speaking volumes for anyone willing to pay attention.

Written by Staff Reports

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