Republican Strategist Criticizes Biden’s Move on Illegal Immigrants

A Republican strategist criticized President Joe Biden’s recent move to allow certain illegal immigrants married to American citizens to stay in the country, calling it a desperate “Hail Mary” attempt. Bryan Lanza, a former campaign aide to President Donald Trump, expressed skepticism that Biden’s proposal would win back Hispanic voters, highlighting Biden’s failures in addressing economic issues faced by Latino communities.

Lanza argued that Biden was underwater on immigration and losing ground with Latino voters, especially in terms of economic support. He emphasized that Biden’s track record on economic policies had failed to benefit working-class and middle-class Latinos, leaving them disillusioned. Lanza dismissed Biden’s executive order as inadequate, stating that Latinos had already judged Biden’s economic performance and found it lacking, particularly in addressing inflation. 


According to CNN data reporter Harry Enten, Biden’s declining support among Hispanic voters could potentially cost him crucial states like Arizona and Nevada in future elections. Lanza remained unconvinced that Biden’s amnesty offer would sway Hispanic voters, pointing out that many viewed Biden as responsible for starting the immigration crisis by reversing Trump-era policies.

Lanza criticized the Border Patrol’s increasing encounters with illegal immigrants under Biden’s administration, citing statistics from the United States Customs and Border Protection. He highlighted the surge in encounters over the past few years, questioning Biden’s ability to effectively manage the situation given his perceived role in exacerbating it.

In conclusion, the Republican strategist’s assessment painted a bleak picture of Biden’s immigration policies and their impact on Latino voters. Lanza’s criticism underscored broader concerns within conservative circles regarding Biden’s handling of immigration and economic issues, suggesting that these factors could influence future political outcomes in key states.

Written by Staff Reports

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