Greg Gutfeld Skewers Biden Media Collusion Scandal

In today’s rendition of the “Morning Minute,” Susie Moore dishes out the latest updates for RedState readers. The spotlight falls on Greg Gutfeld, who humorously dissects the Biden/media collusion scandal, labeling it as “cheap fakes.” The article delves into the failed presidency and hints at a nefarious attempt to replicate the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. This tale of manipulation and deceit reeks of a sinister plot to mold public opinion through misinformation.

Shifting gears, the narrative takes a darker turn as the consequences of governmental failure to uphold justice are laid bare. The people, it seems, are poised to take justice into their own hands if the New York politicians fail to quell rising crime rates. It serves as a stark warning that the populace will not sit idly by while lawlessness prevails.

As the day unfolds on Capitol Hill, the holiday of Juneteenth brings a respite from hearings and official business. Even President Biden is depicted as taking a breather, celebrating at his Rehoboth Beach residence. The absence of court proceedings emphasizes the calm before the storm, hinting at the potential fireworks awaiting the political sphere.

In a heartwarming gesture, the spotlight shines on Jennifer Van Laar, the Managing Editor, on her birthday. The recognition of her invaluable contribution underscores the sense of camaraderie within the RedState team. The mood lightens with a cheerful nod to talent, encapsulated in a delightful feline video that offers a moment of levity amidst the political discourse.

Susie Moore’s multifaceted identity as a Christian, mom, attorney, writer, and podcaster adds depth to her analysis. Her rootedness in Missouri culture shines through her love for sports teams and culinary delights, showing a relatable side to her professional persona. As she navigates the political landscape with wit and insight, Susie’s engaging style resonates with readers seeking a conservative perspective on current affairs.

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