CNN Pundits Fact-Check Democrat Strategist on Mass Deportation Poll Results

In a rare moment of clarity for CNN, Jim Acosta and resident commentator Scott Jennings managed to fact-check shameless Democrat strategist Maria Cardona over her delusional take on mass deportation polling. It’s almost as if liberals forget that facts still carry weight in debates. Jennings dropped a truth bomb, pointing out that mass deportations enjoy majority support among Americans, including Hispanic voters. Naturally, Cardona wasn’t having any of it, obstinately denying the figures despite standing knee-deep in denial.

A recent CBS/YouGov survey proves Jennings right, with 62 percent of all registered voters and a notable 53 percent of Hispanic American voters backing the idea of deporting all undocumented immigrants. Somehow, Maria Cardona missed that memo. It seems reality has a way of inconveniently disrupting the narrative liberal strategists so dearly cling to. Cardona, sounding like a broken record, claimed the data wasn’t accurate. Well, bless her heart for trying.

The Hispanic community showed a 50-50 split on whether to set up federal holding facilities for detained illegals before shipping them back. Even a straightforward survey left Democrats scratching their heads, unable to spin the numbers to fit their open-border fairy tale. Cardona may as well be arguing the sky isn’t blue. Jennings, almost amused by this spectacle, emphasized that embarrassment is inevitable once Maria takes a peek at those numbers.

Acosta, enjoying a brief stint in factual reporting, pulled up the CBS poll graphic live, showing in living color that 53 percent of Hispanic voters are on board with the plan Jennings cited. The data left Cardona scrambling for more deflections, quickly pointing fingers at Republican roadblocks supposedly hampering President Biden’s laughable attempts to secure the border.

The discussion arose around President Biden’s executive order, a thinly veiled mass amnesty initiative to grant lawful permanent resident status to illegal immigrant children and spouses of U.S. citizens. This move, affecting half a million border hoppers, is predictably getting thrashed by anyone with a modicum of common sense. In classic Democrat fashion, the plan attempts to bypass immigration law, inviting more chaos at the border, something Cardona conveniently glosses over.

Acosta and Jennings inadvertently reminded viewers that sometimes, even on CNN, the truth can break through the broadcast babble. Too bad it just leaves Cardona and her fellow travelers looking a tad foolish. It’s a classic case of facts over feelings, one viewers hardly see on mainstream media.

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