Biden Nominee Flubs Basic Legal Question – Is This The Best We Can Do?

The Biden administration is once again demonstrating their lack of familiarity with the Constitution and legal processes, as evidenced by the confirmation hearing of S. Kato Crews, their nominee for a District Court judgeship in Colorado. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, a Republican, asked Crews a fundamental legal query during the hearing, and Crews was unable to provide a satisfactory response.

At the hearing, Senator Kennedy posed the question, “Can you explain your process for analyzing a Brady motion?” to Crews. In response, Crews stated, “Senator, in my four-and-a-half years as a judge, I don’t recall ever having to address a Brady motion in my career.” This reply came as a shock to many due to the significance of a Brady motion in the legal system.

Crews continued to express his unfamiliarity with the topic and was unable to recall the definition of a Brady motion even when Senator Kennedy reiterated the question. Moreover, his lack of knowledge was evident as he incorrectly linked the Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland with the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which implemented a waiting period of five days for unlicensed individuals to purchase firearms. Crews even suggested that the Brady case was related to the Second Amendment.

Given the numerous instances where Biden administration nominees have stumbled over questions relating to fundamental legal processes and the Constitution, it is hardly surprising that Crews is the latest addition to this trend. Despite encountering difficulties, Crews is expected to secure confirmation as a District Court judge.

The absence of comprehension among the Biden administration’s judicial nominees regarding the Constitution and legal procedure is a source of concern. It is crucial that these nominees acquire the requisite knowledge before obtaining influential positions in our legal system.

Written by Staff Reports

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