Florida Hero Prevents Potential Massacre

A heroic security guard at a Tampa Bay strip club named Mons Venus saved countless lives over the weekend. The guard stopped an assailant, Michael Rudman, who attempted to enter the club with a gun. According to sources, the suspect flashed a flashlight in his left hand and held a firearm in his right hand. He had opened the door when the security guard took immediate action and successfully wrestled the gun out of Rudman’s grasp. The guard also received help from two other security guards in subduing Rudman, who put up a brief struggle. One of the guards was allegedly injured during the scuffle.

State officials went on to report that police searched Rudman’s vehicle, which was a silver pickup. There, they found knives, ammo, and additional firearm accessories, along with two magazines in Rudman’s pockets. Fox 35 Orlando reported that the suspect had visited Mons Venus the night before, but authorities have not released a motive for his intentions.

Rudman now faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery, among others, according to Tampa officials. Authorities have charged him with multiple offences in the past, which include domestic violence, battery, reckless driving, and DUI from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Somebody busted for domestic violence, DUI and other criminal charges with the intent of creating harm roaming around the streets is a sign that the left’s policies are a complete failure. We need to follow the lead of the former president and fund the police better. The brave and heroic actions of the security guards at Mons Venus kept Floridians safe, and it’s thanks to these people that Americans can sleep soundly at night. We need more men and women like these security guards who are willing to put themselves out there on the front lines to serve and protect society. The government must stop defunding these heroes who willingly risk their lives to keep us safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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