Biden Official’s Iran Collusion Exposed: US Nuclear Talks Sabotaged by Double Agents

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that a former official at the Biden State Department, Robert Malley, was caught directing academics on the Iranian payroll to infiltrate U.S. negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. This scandalous behavior aimed to secure favorable deals for the Iranian theocratic leaders. Can you believe it?

Reports from Semafor and the Tablet have uncovered the extent of Malley’s involvement in recruiting, training, and directing Iranian experts to influence U.S. policies during crucial discussions on reducing international sanctions. To make matters worse, Malley even brought an Iranian influencer, Ariane Tabatabai, into sensitive areas of the State Department and the Pentagon. It’s a wonder how someone with questionable loyalties could gain access to such crucial positions.

What’s more alarming is that Tabatabai and several other Iranian-linked individuals who managed to infiltrate U.S. government roles had worked previously with Malley at the International Crisis Group (ICG). It seems like Malley had no qualms hiring people who openly expressed their loyalty to the Ayatollah of Iran. How can we trust someone who surrounds themselves with those who pledge their allegiance to our adversaries?

The evidence doesn’t stop there. Emails have emerged showing that Tabatabai and another individual, Ali Vaez, were actively seeking to influence U.S. policy on behalf of Iran. Vaez even wrote to Iranian officials stating that it was his “national and patriotic duty” to manipulate U.S. policies. Can you believe the audacity?

Furthermore, Tabatabai boasted about co-authoring a paper that argued against Iran reducing its amount of enriched uranium. This shows a clear bias in favor of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and undermines our national security. It is utterly unacceptable to have individuals in top-secret clearance positions who prioritize the interests of foreign nations over those of the United States.

Experts, such as Peter Theroux, a veteran Mideast analyst and retired CIA officer, have raised concerns about the nature of these exchanges. They liken the correspondence between Tabatabai, Vaez, and others to conversations between spies and their handlers. It’s a troubling thought that our government could be compromised by individuals who are responsive to the intelligence demands of a hostile foreign power.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems to be turning a blind eye to these egregious actions. Instead of taking responsibility, they claim “privacy” concerns and deny the existence of an Iranian spy ring. Are they serious? This is a clear attempt to downplay the severity of the situation and shield Malley and his cohorts from accountability.

It’s evident that this scandal raises major doubts about the Biden administration’s commitment to protecting American interests. This is just another reminder that we need strong, principled leaders who prioritize national security and hold our adversaries accountable. The American people deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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