Biden Prioritizes Foreign Graduates Over American Workers in Struggling Job Market

President Biden’s latest move to extend work permits to migrants earning degrees from U.S. colleges is a bitter pill for American graduates struggling in Biden’s economy. With the White House’s announcement, DACA recipients and other Dreamers who secure a job offer related to their degree from an accredited U.S. institution can expedite their work visas.

This decision, under the guise of benefiting the country, further exacerbates the challenges faced by U.S. graduates. The job market for recent American college graduates is already strained, with many finding it difficult to secure employment in their chosen fields. The current administration’s move to prioritize foreign graduates for high-skilled jobs only adds insult to injury for American workers.

President Biden’s amnesty directive not only jeopardizes job opportunities for American graduates but also burdens taxpayers by granting citizenship pathways, making illegal immigrants eligible for vital programs such as Medicare and Social Security. This shortsighted decision strains Americans’ retirement benefits and sets a dangerous precedent of bypassing democratic processes with executive orders.

The influence of wealthy coastal investors, such as Mark Zuckerberg’s lobby group, in shaping immigration policies cannot be overlooked. These elites stand to profit immensely from the influx of cheap labor and consumers at the expense of American workers. It is evident that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are tailored to serve the interests of a select few rather than the well-being of American citizens.

With the mounting economic challenges Americans face, the deliberate influx of migrants for economic gains only exacerbates existing societal issues. The prioritization of foreign workers over American graduates not only undermines the principle of putting American workers first but also reinforces the growing divide between the ruling elites and the average American. Ultimately, Biden’s immigration policies are not geared towards benefiting the nation as a whole but instead, cater to the narrow interests of the privileged few.

Written by Staff Reports

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