Tech Entrepreneur Ditches Biden for Trump, Cites Effective Leadership

Tech entrepreneur Allison Huynh, once a staunch supporter of Barack Obama in 2008, has turned her back on Joe Biden and is now fully behind Donald Trump. Once a mover and shaker in getting Big Tech on board to line Obama’s campaign coffers, Huynh’s change of heart speaks volumes about the current political landscape.

Huynh criticized Biden for being completely disengaged and practically asleep at the wheel. In stark contrast, she praised Trump for having a keen sense of the nation’s pulse. Trump’s rhetoric may be entertaining, but his policies and politics truly resonate with Huynh. She finds Trump engaging, likable, and, most importantly, effective in addressing the country’s issues.

While the left continues its chorus of “everything’s fine,” the rest of America, including former Obama backers like Huynh, is waking up to reality. Huynh’s switch is especially significant given her previous efforts to fortify Obama’s campaign with millions of dollars from Big Tech. Biden will not benefit from her connections or resources as she believes Trump is the one who understands what ails the nation and how to fix it.

Huynh had the pleasure of meeting Trump and found him knowledgeable, funny, profoundly intelligent, and down-to-earth. This refreshingly honest feedback comes at a time when Biden appears out of touch and ineffectual. She highlighted Trump’s accomplishments, such as the 2016 Jobs Act, which encouraged investment and sustained economic growth.

According to Huynh, San Francisco, once a beacon of innovation, has become a failed social experiment under leftist policies. She lamented how city officials allow public drug use, violent crime in Chinatown, and rampant looting, with authorities merely looking the other way.

While discussing immigration, Huynh sharply distinguished between legal, hardworking immigrants and illegal ones who commit crimes, advocating for common-sense policies that ensure that people entering the country contribute positively to society.

In a recent Fox & Friends First appearance, Huynh voiced her disappointment with Biden, blaming him for allowing Big Tech and looters to overrun Silicon Valley. San Francisco plagued with more fentanyl dealers than high school students, has deteriorated into an unsafe wasteland, while basic amenities like grocery stores and shopping malls have become scarce.

Huynh observed that Trump had a clear plan to grow the economy, contrasting him with Obama, who let bureaucracy stifle progress because of fear. Conversely, Biden has made it almost impossible for emerging tech companies to thrive, pushing them offshore due to heavy-handed legislation and lawsuits.

As America stands on the brink of the 2024 election, Huynh’s shift is a telling sign of growing dissatisfaction with Biden and a strong preference for Trump’s proven track record and future policies. In times when common sense is a rare commodity, Huynh’s perspective offers much-needed clarity.

Written by Staff Reports

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