Biden RIPPED on Twitter for Failures at the Border

Many people on Twitter were unable to digest some of the comments made by President Biden regarding the border crisis.

According to Biden, the amount of fentanyl smuggled across the border could kill up to a thousand Americans. He also claimed that Vice President Harris is knowledgeable about the situation at the border, and he denied that people who illegally cross it understand the harrowing experience they're going through.

Some people pointed out that Harris recently stated that the southern border is secure. Illegal immigrants pay criminal organizations to transport them into the US, and they know the risks involved in crossing the border.

During a speech on Thursday, Biden made some statements about the border. He also announced the steps that his administration would take to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

In recent weeks, Biden has faced increasing pressure from members of both parties to address the issue of the border crisis. The Democratic Party also called on the government to step in.

Despite his insistence on maintaining a tougher stance on border enforcement, Biden made several statements that were difficult to follow.

One of Biden's most notable statements was his insistence on the fact that Harris knows more about the border crisis than anyone else. Harris has been criticized by mainstream media for not taking the issue seriously.

During his speech, Biden criticized the lack of action on immigration reform, saying that the country is facing increasing difficulties at the southern border due to the failure of Congress to pass a comprehensive plan.

Before the speech, Harris had stated that the country's immigration system is broken. She also told Chuck Todd of NBC's "Meet The Press" that the border was secure.

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