Biden Roasts Trump, Skips Statesmanship at Swanky Dinner

President Joe Biden used a fancy dinner event to take cheap shots at former President Donald Trump, claiming that Trump was too old and mentally unfit for office. Biden, who at the ripe old age of 81 decided to grace the annual Gridiron Club and Foundation Dinner with his presence for the first time as president, couldn’t resist taking a swing at Trump’s mental acuity, all while being surrounded by foreign heads of state. Talk about a missed opportunity to represent our country with dignity!

Biden took the opportunity to crack jokes about Trump, suggesting that Trump actually thinks he’s running against Barack Obama. How original, Joe. Not. It’s clear that Biden and his team are desperately trying to shift the conversation away from their own mental acuity and onto Trump’s. Classic deflection tactic.

But that’s not all, folks! Biden didn’t stop at questioning Trump’s mental state. No, he also took the opportunity to spew more liberal nonsense about freedom being under assault and how the 2020 election was supposedly under threat. Talk about beating a dead horse. Give it a rest, Joe!

It’s no surprise that Biden is resorting to attacking Trump, rather than focusing on his own presidency. After all, it’s easier to point fingers and play the blame game than to actually take responsibility for the mess that he’s making. But come on, Joe, give us something new. We’ve heard this act before, and it’s getting old. Try focusing on the present and the future instead of dwelling on the past.

As usual, Biden’s comments are just par for the course in his ongoing quest to paint Trump as the villain. But let’s not forget who’s sitting in the Oval Office now. Maybe it’s time for Biden to stop living in the past and start focusing on the present. Just a thought, Joe.

Written by Staff Reports

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