Biden Rules Out Pardon for Son Amid Felony Conviction

President Joe Biden stated that he would not issue a pardon to his son, Hunter Biden, after the younger Biden’s recent felony gun conviction. However, the president still has the power to use clemency to help his son avoid jail time. Since taking office in 2021, President Biden has used his clemency powers 154 times, including 24 pardons and 130 commutations.

Hunter Biden, who is facing potential jail time, is a first-time offender and is awaiting sentencing. The president’s decision not to pardon his son has prompted speculation about the possibility of a commutation. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has avoided giving a direct answer on whether a commutation is still an option for the president’s son.

Democratic operatives familiar with the Biden team’s thinking have indicated that the president and his team are avoiding influencing the judge’s sentencing and are respecting the rule of law. They have suggested that the president’s focus is on maintaining coordination with other G7 leaders regarding the war in Ukraine. It is unlikely that Hunter Biden will face significant jail time, and the Biden family recognizes that his current problems are a result of his own actions.

Legal expert Jordan Rubin suggested that President Biden’s statement about not pardoning his son may apply to all forms of clemency but did not rule out the possibility of a commutation if the sentencing is unusually harsh.

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