Biden’s Awkward Moments at G7 Summit in Italy With World Leaders

President Biden traveled to a meeting of world leaders in Italy, where some strange moments took place.

Mr. Biden arrived last at the G7 summit and was greeted by Italy’s prime minister, Giorgia Meloni.

When Mr. Biden joined Ms. Meloni on the stage, he kissed her on the head and seemed to sniff her hair. They then signed a G7 logo frame and Mr. Biden left the stage with an awkward salute to the prime minister.

The G7, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, and the U.S., meets yearly to talk about economic policies and security matters. This year’s summit will cover global conflicts, artificial intelligence, issues impacting Africa, and promises of help for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

The summit will also be noteworthy as Pope Francis will be the first pope to speak at the G7. He plans to talk about the ethical concerns regarding artificial intelligence and call for peaceful solutions to the Ukraine conflict and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

After their greeting, Mr. Biden and Ms. Meloni were joined by other leaders from Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, and Japan.

Written by Staff Reports

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