Biden Scrambles to Salvage Presidency After Disastrous Debate and Replacement Rumors

The mainstream media is buzzing with reports that “Sleepy” Joe Biden is trying to salvage what’s left of his presidency after a disastrous debate performance against Trump. The New York Times claims Biden had a family meeting at Camp David to figure out a way forward amidst speculations of his potential replacement.

Despite Biden’s apparent decline, his family is pushing him to soldier on, insisting he can still “serve” for another term. The President seeks advice from his advisors on saving face, contemplating interviews and press conferences to spin the narrative in his favor.

Rumors of a possible Biden replacement have reportedly sent his team scrambling to keep their loyal donors and strategists from jumping ship. This ship seems desperate to plug all the leaks before it goes under.

Hunter Biden, no stranger to scandals himself, is said to be one of the main cheerleaders urging his dad to stick it out. The younger Biden is painting a rosy picture of his father, hoping Americans will buy into his delusion of a competent and sharp leader.

With even grandkids getting roped into the charade, it’s clear that the Biden clan is pulling out all the stops to keep their patriarch afloat. But can this family pep talk save a sinking ship? Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Biden Chronicles,” where incompetence meets desperation in a battle for the presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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