Poll Shows 72% Doubt Biden’s Mental Fitness as Democrats Waver

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the latest CBS News/YouGov Poll is catching up to what Americans have suspected all along: President Biden’s mental fitness is under serious scrutiny. After his latest debate hiccup, a staggering 72% of registered voters don’t believe he’s got the cognitive chops to lead the country. That’s a significant rise from 65% just a few weeks ago.

And it’s not just the Republicans who are scratching their heads. Even within his own party, there’s an escalating whisper of doubt. This poll shows that 41% of Democrats are now questioning Biden’s mental health for the role. Compare that to just two weeks prior, where a relatively brighter minority of 29% felt uneasy — it looks like Biden’s base is losing faith.

Regarding comparisons, former President Donald J. Trump seems to be faring better in the mental fitness department. While 49% of voters have concerns about Trump’s cognitive abilities, a narrow majority of 50% give a thumbs up to his mental state.

As for Biden’s re-election bid, forget about mounting support. The poll unveils that a booming 72% of voters think Biden should bow out of the race. Democrats are now split almost down the middle, with only 54% still backing him to run again.

The concerns about Biden aren’t just fuzzy feelings either. Voters are specifically worried about his age (86% cited this), followed by the potential decisions he might make (71%), his presidential record (66%), and his ability to campaign effectively (59%).

Adding fuel to the fire, most voters felt Trump won the debate hands down. Trump was seen as more articulate, presidential, and inspiring, with nearly double the confidence numbers that Biden could muster. The only crumb of consolation for Biden might be that more voters thought he was truthful compared to Trump — though with numbers like these, that consolation is likely cold comfort for Team Biden.

In summary, while Biden’s team scrambles to stem the tide of doubt, Trump’s camp might just sit back with a bag of popcorn, watching the cognitive question marks hover over the White House. If Biden’s capacity to serve continues to slide, Democrats might need to start considering a Plan B — and fast.

Written by Staff Reports

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