Biden Slams Texas GOP Proposal for Stricter Voter Citizenship Verification

The Biden administration has come out swinging against a bill proposed by Texas Rep. Chip Roy, which would mandate voters to verify their U.S. citizenship before casting their ballots in federal elections. Dubbed the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, this GOP-led initiative has drawn sharp criticism from the current administration.

According to the Biden team, this bill is unnecessary as it is already illegal for non-citizens to partake in federal elections, with severe penalties such as imprisonment or hefty fines for those who dare to violate this law. They argue that the proposed legislation is built on false premises and aims to address a problem that does not exist in reality.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has been a vocal proponent of the SAVE Act, lambasting President Joe Biden for threatening to veto the bill. Johnson expressed concern over Biden’s lenient immigration policies, which have allowed millions of undocumented individuals into the country while simultaneously opposing efforts to secure the integrity of the voting process.

As the showdown between the Biden administration and conservative lawmakers intensifies, the debate over voter ID laws and citizenship requirements continues to rage on. Stay tuned as this contentious issue unfolds in the political arena, shaping the future of voting regulations in America.

Written by Staff Reports

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